The Great Debate in Harlem "The OBAMA Election - Was it Good for Black People?  2 DVDs
by Viola Plummer,  James Turner, Leonard Jeffries, Glen Ford, Malik Zulu Shabazz, Marimba Ani, Charles Barron and Donald Smith 

The Great Debate in Harlem, Part 2 - Is the Bible Good for Black Folks? - 2 DVDs 
by Rev.Conrad Tillard, Inez Baron, Atty Joseph Mack, Pro. James Conyers and Brother Jitu Weusi 
Christopher Columbus in the Wave of Racism - 2 DVDs by Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ben and
 Dr. Ivan Van Sertima 
The Destruction of African Civilization  - 3 DVDs by  Dr. Chancellor Williams, Dr, John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Edward Scobie and John G. Jackson

The Great Debate in Harlem, Part 3- Should the State Return the Law License of Atty Alton Maddox? 2 DVDs  
by Larry Hamm, Pam Africa, Leonard Jeffries, Jack Felder, Rev. Joe Bragg, Betty Dopson, Atty Roger Wareham and Dr. Joy DeGruy (FKA) Leary 
Black Manhood 

The Assimilation Fantasies

Black Love

Blueprint of Black Power

Developmental Psychology of Black Children

Black on Black Violence
Titles by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

Origin Of Civilization, 2 DVDs

African History Revisited, 2DVDs,.
Titles by Dr. Sebi

Bio Electrical , 2DVDs

Stop Taking Drugs, 2 DVDsxt.
Titles by Prof. William Mackey

The Geo-Political History of the Bible

The Historical Relationship Between Blacks And Jews
Titles by Dr. Asa Hilliard

Free your African Mind - 2 DVD's

Master Keys to Study Ancient Kemet

What Education Should Be 

The Challenge Of The 21st Century In African Centered Education 

From Miseducation To Education 

Genocide, Homocide And Suicide 

First People 

The Historical Intentions Of The Educational System For African-American Children  by Dr. Jacob Carruthers 
Titles by Dr. Booker T. Coleman

Hidden Wisdom Within The Black Mother Womb - 2 DVDs

Kemetic Origins Of The Universe -  2 DVDs
Titles by Dr. Marimba Ani  

African Spirituality

To Be An African Woman  
Confessions - The Man Who Created AIDS 2 DVD's  
Psychopathic Racial Personality by Dr. Bobby E. Wright 
The Historical Society of African Heritage
MOR Historians

DVDs Titles by various Historians
Black Titan
Melanin Chronicle
Kemetic  Science of Prosperity
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Bad Blood - The Tuskegee Experiment
The Elmina Castle And The Slave Trade  
The Great Homecoming - The Door of No Return 
Yaa Asantewaa -  Heroism Of  An Afrikan Queen 
Natural Cure For Diabetes by Dr. Laila Africa
Ancient Teachings of Sex And Black People by Dr. Sunyatta Amen
Black Dollars Making Sense by Dr. Claude Anderson 
African Hebrew Israelites by Gabriel Ben Israel 
Titles by Dr. Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti


The Sex Imperative
From The Pyramids To The Projects 3 DVDs by  Alim Bey
Hip Hop Is Dead - 2 DVDs by Black Dot 
The Times of  Nate Turner - 2 DVDs  by Brother Robert
The 10 Strategies Of War - 2 DVDs by Dr. Tony Browder
Africans in Asia  by Dr. James Brunson
Black Cosmic Force  by Dr. Delbert 
Titles by C. Freeman EL

Seven Sounds Seven Chakras

Moorish Nationality 
The History Of Arabs And The African Slave Trade  by Dr. Marcus Garvey
Titles by Dr. Richard King

The Black Dot

The African Origins of Psychiatry - 2 DVDs 
The Philosophical Aspects Of  Cultural Difference by Dr. Edwin Nichols
Polygamy by KILINDI
Malcolm X 

By Any Means Necessary 

The Malcolm X Speeches 
Titles by Dr. Wade Nobles

A Search for Authenticity in African Centered Education 

The Necessity for Rites of Passage Programs
The Grand Unified Theory by Gabriel Oyibo
African Origins Of The Mathematical Sciences by Dr. Shabazz .
Crimes Of The Pope by George Simmons
Blackout Through Whitewash by Suzar 
Titles by Alexis Taylor

Vagina Power

Penis Power
The Choice Between Two Cultures by Dr. Oba T’shaka  .
Titles by The Irritated Genie

Predators In The Midst 

Christianity Is White Supremacy 

Defeminization of the Black Male
The Murder of Dr. King- 2 DVDs by Steve Cokley and  Dick Gregory 
Africa in the Future by Kwame Ture and Molefi Asante
Power to the People by Frances Cress Welsing, Edward Scobie, Marimba Ani, and Wayne  Chandler
Great Black Woman in History by Dr. C.T. Keto and Molefi Asante 
Culture and African Revolutions - 2 DVDs  by Del Jones and Tyrone Powers
Intellectual Warfare  by Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Jacob Carruthers
Pan- African History Masters by Dr. Jan Carew and Prof. Edward Scobie 
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MOR Titles
 by various Historians
The Choice Between Two Cultures by Dr. O'ba T'Shaka
Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness

The Destruction of Afrikan Civilization

ABC's of Oppression

Understanding Black Adolescent Male Violence

The Power in Our Hands
Titles by Dr. Amos Wilson